Criminal Defense Overview

Your needs and problems come first. We realize the amount of trust our clients place in us. It is our job to provide you with solutions.

Criminal Defense is serious business.

Although a courtroom is usually the last and least desirable option for solving problems in modern-day society, we believe it is critical for lawyers to have the ability to stand up and fight for the people they represent.

We Take Intense Pride in Our Ability to Fight for Our Clients.

Our in-depth experience in handling criminal cases all across the country gives us the ability to provide you with the highest level of legal representation.

Our firm is led by Thomas C. Goolsby, MBA, JD, whose numerous accomplishments include his service as a North Carolina senator, former Crime Commission Legal Counsel and a Law Professor.

Our clients look to us for continuing advice when they are involved in targeted investigations, have been charged with crimes and/or wish to avoid litigation and comply with laws or regulatory schemes.  We are also retained to help coordinate internal investigations.

Our services are in demand by clients who value an attorney who can bring exceptional trial experience and a reputation for courtroom excellence to bear, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Our firm has earned the trust of its clients through hard work, a winning attitude and a commitment to the highest quality of advocacy in the protection of its clients’ interests. When you hire us, rest assured that our firm will do everything possible, within the bounds of the law and our ethical code, to protect your rights and interests.

If you have any questions about a criminal case, contact Attorney Thom Goolsby at (910) 763-3339 (voice or text).

“I was charged with assault and battery and was very worried about going to jail, as well as having a violent criminal record. Thank you for calming my fears and helping me in court. When I learned that you had had my case dismissed, I was overjoyed. You have a great staff and I could not ask anymore from a lawyer. You are the best!” LA