Being Investigated?

Do you believe that law enforcement is investigating you?

You have only two options:

One, you can ignore the rumors, pretend that nothing is going on and hope that it’s all a bad dream. You can pretend that none of your friends, associates, or neighbors are being asked questions by the authorities. You can try to rationalize your situation, disregard any target letter (if received) and dismiss all the signs that point to an imminent arrest or indictment.

You can even tell yourself that whatever it is they think you’ve done, “It’s just a minor thing” and “The authorities don’t really care about me.”

Or two, you can take charge by calling Thom Goolsby right now at [number type=”1″] (voice or text).

You can do something about the fact that law enforcement is asking questions. You can put an end to your fear.

However, this option requires you to take action and to make the right decision.

Taking charge of your situation and being represented by a criminal defense attorney before an arrest or indictment can make all the difference in the world. It can even keep you from being arrested or indicted.

At the Goolsby Law Firm we help individuals who want to be proactive in handling their cases. When you come to us, we will go to work for you, dealing with the agents and prosecutors in an effort to keep you out of trouble and minimize your problems and exposure.

We don’t want you to show up in the news and that is by design.

In the end, the choice is simple. Be proactive or wait for them to come and get you. Call Thom Goolsby right now at [number type=”1″] (voice or text).