Attorney Thom Goolsby explains why you need to speak with an attorney and NOT an insurance adjuster (for the other party) when you have been injured in an accident. You only have one chance for a recovery. Don’t blow it! Bottom line: call him for help or advice at 910-262-7401 (voice or text).

Disclaimer: “The above testimonial is authentic, but each case is different and no promise is expressed or implied as to the outcome of your particular case.”

What Should I Do?

From the first day of injury, a client should keep records and receipts for any expense incurred or associated with the accident. Photographs of visible physical injuries and any damaged property are very important at this stage of your case. We recommend that clients should try and obtain several color photographs if possible and be sure to document any notes associated with the accident.

Photographs show things better than you can describe them. They reveal details that a person may not notice at first, or at all. Documenting what happened at the time helps in the preservation of an accident scene before the other party has time to change things.

Be sure to contact an attorney. A well-prepared case is one that will be more apt to settle before going to trial. A poorly-prepared case will be tried and, most likely, lost, leaving the plaintiff to pay all costs of litigation. Preparation costs do not include attorney’s fees. Most personal injury or automobile accident law firms, including ours, do their work on a contingent fee basis, which means the law firm earns a percentage of the recovery made for the client. If nothing is recovered, the attorney does not receive a fee.

Goolsby Law Is Here To Help

We have helped thousands of clients in Wilmington North Carolina successfully resolve their car accident claims. Don’t be fooled by insurance companies or what they may tell you. Their goal is to protect their interests and their insured. Our goal is to protect your rights and ensure that you receive all the compensation you deserve.

What’s My Case Worth?

Clients often want to know what their case is worth by way of settlement or verdict. In general, if the plaintiff can prove that the owner is legally liable for the injury, the following types of damages may be recovered:

Medical bills incurred as a result of the accident (even if covered by your own insurance).

Gross lost earnings or income for time lost from work (includes time lost even if you took vacation or sick leave to avoid loss of income).

Fair value of clothing damaged.

Compensation for pain and suffering.

“My spouse was killed in a tragic auto collision leaving me and our child alone. To make matters worse, my deceased spouse was the main supporter of our family.
Thom Goolsby and his team were amazing. They took over the estate, handle the personal injury and wrongful death claims and forced the insurance companies to pay the maximum money available for the claims, as well as collecting all the Worker’s Compensation funds available.
Thom took the time to meet with me, showed real compassion and concern and gave me sound, well reasoned advice. He made the best of our sad and tragic loss.
Thank you Thom Goolsby!” — FR
Disclaimer: “The above testimonial is authentic, but each case is different and no promise is expressed or implied as to the outcome of your particular case.”