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When you are charged with a crime, you will want someone who takes things as seriously as you do. When you work with Goolsby Law Firm, PLLC, that is exactly what you get.

From day one, you will have a seasoned criminal attorney on your side. Unlike other criminal defense law firms, you will never be passed off to junior associates. Instead, we get to know you, become invested in your case, and provide custom, unwavering representation.

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  • Over 27+ Years of Civil and Criminal Law Experience
  • A Distinguished Legal Career & Impressive Trial Record


  • Personal Attention & Customized Representation
  • Aggressive Advocacy at Every Phase
  • Passionate about Helping People Resolve Their Problems


  • Served Two Terms as a North Carolina Senator
  • Military Experience & Commitment to Service
About Thom Goolsby

Trial Skills That Get Results

First and foremost, attorney Thom Goolsby is a trial lawyer with hundreds of jury and bench trials under his belt in a career spanning more than two decades. This level of experience and insight into the North Carolina criminal process could mean all the difference.

Identify Weaknesses In Your Case

Evidence can be faulty, inaccurate, or improperly collected. Witnesses can be wrong and law enforcement officers often make mistakes. Let a highly skilled criminal lawyer in Wilmington examine the details of your case and find ways to positively influence your case.

Make the System Work for You

From securing bail to determining what evidence is allowed, many times, the outcome of your case hinges on how your lawyer navigates the procedures involved. It’s best to work with a seasoned tactician who can pinpoint opportunities, avoid complications, and present arguments in your favor.

We Know How the Courts Operate

Attorney Goolsby has been practicing in North Carolina for over 25 years. This has led to strong relationships with the police officers, prosecutors, administrators, and judges handling your case. We know how things work and who is open to negotiation. We will leverage every resource for you.  

Prepare Every Case for Trial

Attorney Goolsby prepares every case as if a trial is inevitable. This strategy lets us understand the case better than the other side, see what they missed, and ensure that you get the best possible result, either through a negotiated plea, reduced charges, dismissal, or acquittal.  


“I lost my carry concealed permit due to the misapplication of the law by law enforcement. My guns were taken from my home, and my permit was suspended. Thank you Thom Goolsby for standing up for the Second Amendment and my gun rights. You corrected the mistake of law enforcement, and I got my permit back. I appreciate your skill and advocacy.”

- Criminal Defense Client

“Thank you Thom Goolsby for helping me with my case. I heard that you were a super attorney, and I heard right! Thank you for your attention to detail and for helping me with this important matter. Your office was always available to assist me, and your care and concern meant a great deal to me. If I ever need an attorney again, you will be the first person that I call.”

- Personal Injury Client

“Thank you for walking me through the process for getting my open container and underage possession of alcohol charges dismissed. You arranged for a very simple deferred prosecution. It was easy to comply, and my record is now clean. I appreciate your excellent help!”

- Criminal Defense Client

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What Are You Accused Of?

Your case should never be left up to chance or put in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer. Early intervention from a skilled defense attorney is often the key to dealing with criminal allegations.

The North Carolina Criminal Process

Know What To Expect

Attorney Thom Goolsby is a formidable opponent to prosecution and a valuable resource for anyone charged with a crime in Wilmington, NC or the surrounding areas. Whether you or a loved one are being investigated, asked to participate in questioning, or have already been arrested, let us explain:

  • What Happens After an Arrest
  • Your Rights When Charged with a Crime
  • The Importance of a Lawyer During an Investigation
  • Securing Your Release & The Bail Process
  • North Carolina Misdemeanor & Felony Charges
  • North Carolina Sentencing Guidelines
  • NC Criminal Procedure, Warrants & Searches
  • The Brunswick, Pender & New Hanover Court Systems
  • Court Procedure, Trials, Verdicts & Appeals
  • Your Criminal Record and Expungements

You Have The Right To Remain Silent - Use It

When criminal charges are involved, sometimes people think they can easily explain things to the police. But, law enforcement is usually only concerned with making arrests and securing convictions. These are highly trained investigators. They will claim to have evidence they don’t, ask questions designed to trip you up, and take your answers out of context. By going it alone, you are taking an enormous risk that could make your situation worse.

Do Not Talk To The Police Without An Attorney

If you are ever charged, questioned, or suspect that you are under investigation, it is critical to have a lawyer speak for you. As an experienced criminal defense attorney in Wilmington, NC, Thom Goolsby knows the government’s tactics, can evaluate their evidence, protect you from making damaging statements, and ensure your rights are respected. 

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  • Thom Goolsby has been selected as a top 100 trial lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association

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