My criminal defense practice would be CUT IN HALF starting TODAY, if …

Written by Thom Goolsby


… people would just do ONE simple thing: REMAIN SILENT.

That’s it! It’s just that easy, BUT no one listens. Are you listening? Rarely, if ever, do people talk their way out of problems.

Law enforcement officials can misinterpret what you say, you can misunderstand their questions or you can just say dumb things that you never had to admit.

Face it, officers are paid to work hard and make arrests for the District Attorney’s office to prosecute.

Officers are professional investigators.

They are usually highly trained and perform their jobs on a daily basis. You are not a professional investigator, so why try to be one, only to land yourself in trouble?

Remember Martha Stewart? She was investigated for an offense that it turned out she did not commit, but she later when to jail for lying to investigators.

Why did she EVER say anything? I can tell you. She thought that she could talk her way out of a problem. Instead, she talked her way to jail.

Watch my short video and learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: http://bit.ly/1CIYgB8

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