How can you get a Limited Driving Privilege after only 10 days from the date of Revocation?

Written by Thom Goolsby


If these conditions apply to you, you must wait at least 10 days before requesting a limited driving privilege while you are waiting for your court date. You must have completed a Substance Abuse Assessment prior to applying for the limited driving privilege. Assessment fees are set by law at $50.00. You can get your assessment through any court approved agency.

When you (or your attorney) go to court for your limited driving privilege, you must bring with you a Petition for Limited Driving Privilege (Form AOC-CVR-9), a copy of your Substance Abuse Assessment performed by a court approved program, a Certified copy of a seven-year Driving History (cost $7.00), a valid DL-123 insurance form from your insurance agent (good for only 30 days; the court will accept a faxed copy) and three copies of a fully completed, typed, proposed Limited Driving Privilege.

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