What about license revocation following a DWI conviction?

Written by Thom Goolsby


After going through the court process, paying fines and complying with all the other terms and conditions that the judge will impose on you, the next problem you have to face will be with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV will revoke your license for a one-year period after you have been convicted of a DWI for a level Five.

If you have not had any prior convictions, at the time you are in court before the judge, you or your attorney can request a limited driving privilege, if you meet the criteria. A limited driving privilege allows you to drive for the purposes of work, community service, court-ordered treatment and school in a limited specific geographic area during limited specific hours.

A limited driving privilege will usually allow you to drive essentially from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm Monday through Friday within the conditions stated above. If you need to drive outside of these standard hours or on weekends, you would need special permission from the judge. Reasons for this variation might include your job or your family.

General Statutes

General Statutes (More)

General Statutes (More)

If you have had a DWI conviction in the past seven years you are not eligible for limited driving privilege. A limited driving privilege is considered to be exactly that, a privilege.

If you are caught driving outside of your hours, geographic region, assigned purpose or if you are driving with any amount of alcohol in your blood whatsoever, even as little as a .01 or .02, you can lose your limited driving privilege. The police officer only has to suspect you have been drinking. The level of proof is appreciably less than what was required for a conviction of a DWI.

If you lose that privilege, you are not allowed to drive at all during the year that your license is revoked and you will be charged with driving while license is revoked.

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