What Does a Defense Lawyer Cost in Wilmington, NC?

Written by Thom Goolsby

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Many things will race through your mind after an arrest. One of them will inevitably be, “What is this going to cost?”

First, you must understand that a criminal conviction can cost you more than just money. When choosing a criminal defense lawyer in Wilmington, NC, do not make the mistake of going with the cheapest option available. This short-sighted strategy could leave you ill-prepared for trial and facing all the consequences of a criminal conviction, such as losing your driver’s license or spending time behind bars.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Defense Lawyer

When you are hiring a criminal defense lawyer, think about what you are getting for your money. Experience is an extremely important part of picking the right lawyer. An experienced criminal defense attorney will understand the implications of your case and know how to effectively deal with your situation.

While cost is an important consideration, it should not be the only factor. Consider what you are likely to get when you choose the lowest-priced attorney in your area.

To make enough money to stay profitable, an attorney with low rates will need to take on more cases. This means less time to spend on your case and, quite possibly, a weaker defense. An attorney spread thin by a huge roster of clients is unlikely to be able to put in the work needed on your behalf.

Much of your attorney’s work happens behind the scenes. During pretrial preparation, an attorney gathers and analyzes the evidence. He draws on his previous experience, looks into similar cases and decides how to proceed. During this time, he may also hire experts to assist in your defense. Investigators can uncover facts to support your defense, while expert witnesses weigh-in on various issues to provide clarity to the jury.

By hiring a bargain lawyer, you may very well rob yourself of the best defense available.

Long-Term Financial Consequences

It often helps to think about hiring a criminal defense attorney as an investment in your future, rather than as a one-time cost. A criminal conviction can have a ripple effect on every area of your life.

A criminal record could cost you your job, limit your career options or prevent you from advancing at work. For instance, a theft in your background can make it hard to get a position that deals with handling money – even years later. In addition, some charges can even cause you to be completely barred from certain licensed professions.

A criminal conviction can also lead to serious financial consequences. For example, a DWI conviction means increased insurance costs – now and going forward. You could also be left without a driver’s license for a long period of time, making it difficult to meet your financial, work and family obligations.

Your family will also suffer. Whether a conviction results in fines, jail time or both, your family will bear much of the burden. The situation becomes even more complicated if you are a single parent. A criminal record could lead to losing custody rights or becoming entangled in a court battle.

Fee Structures and Terms

As you look into the cost of a criminal defense lawyer, you may come across the following:

  • Hourly rate: Many lawyers charge an hourly rate. If your attorney charges an hourly rate, you will likely need to pay a retainer to hire them.
  • Retainer: A retainer is the upfront deposit you pay when hiring an attorney on an hourly basis. The retainer is equal to a set amount of hours.
  • Flat fees: Attorney Thom Goolsby prefers to make his fees simple and uncomplicated. He charges a flat rate for simple cases. In more involved cases, he will quote a set fee for each stage of the case at the beginning of the matter so you can plan for the costs and not be surprised by an unexpected hourly bill.
  • Payments over time: We understand that no one plans to get into trouble. Attorney Thom Goolsby will work with you and make arrangements so you can afford his services.

At Goolsby Law Firm, we know how important it is to have reliable representation when you are facing criminal charges. We offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and from there, we can figure out a fee structure that works for you.

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